The rich depth of the dark acacia body characterizes the Dalkeith Dining Table. Its long tabletop features mitred corners that attaches to 4 blocky legs, resulting in a pleasant silhouette fit for any contemporary areas. 

  • Acacia veneer finished with NC lacquer 

Dimensions W210 x D95 x H77 cm 

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The Dalkeith Collection highlights the merit of acacia in contemporary households. Its mitred corners and antique look are subtly different, letting a statement piece or interior theme to take the spotlight instead. Acacia is also stronger than oak, which your value-conscious customers will surely appreciate. Whether to design, source, or deliver, connect with us today to launch your custom acacia collection. 

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Collection includes bed, desk, coffee table, mirror and more 

Contemporary style 

Acacia furniture with an antique look 


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