Does your business success depend on developing and selling furniture that your customers are looking to buy? If so, then understanding Time-to-Market (TTM) or Speed-to-Market (S2M), and its impact on your business is crucial.

TTM is the duration of time it takes from a product being conceived until it is available for sale. This includes ideation, design & testing, sourcing & procurement, fulfilment and eventual launch. It’s key in determining the success of your Product Strategy.

The ability to reduce the Speed-to-Market of new products is a crucial differentiator identified in high-performance homeware retailers because the novelty and profitability of any new product rapidly will decrease if not launched on time or when copied. Therefore, releasing innovative products to your customers early is crucial in increasing margins, growing market share and improving customer loyalty. Outperform your competitors with Sourcebynet’s Industry leading 120 Day TTM guarantees from Concept to FOB!

Speed-to-market is all about transforming ideas into products faster, better and cheaper. 


Our Dynamic Product Development (DPD) has been fine-tuned over the past 20 years and has brought to market over 5000 different products, many of which are Top Performing Long Life-Cycle (LLC) products for our Client Partners. This is only possible because we started by listening to (OEM) or anticipating (ODM) clients’ new product needs.


We Bring Value

We have always sought to negotiate the best value for you, our customer. Value is not just price but the optimum package to delight our customers, including a delivery promise, quality assurance, innovative design and even flexibility. 
Prices you can’t resist
We deliver prices that are generally not available as we leverage the combined buying power of our non-competing customers and ongoing purchasing power. We can deliver the breadth of our customers’ needs while also giving us “first in” prices our competition can’t achieve.
Widest range of ‘’Retail Ready’’ Furniture
Sourcebynet offers the widest range of styles, materials, and manufacturing capabilities to furnish your dreams. We know the style, price point, design, form, and function that you need to achieve high margin sustainable sales.


We have engineers and inspectors physically on the ground in Asia representing SBN in all our factories. This gives us instant visibility on production performance and allows our engineers and inspectors to inspect products to Western product requirements. We also have the detailed “SBN standard” which is available to customers who may not have documented their requirements.


Sourcebynet provides a Single Supplier Solution for Client Partners looking to reduce cost, eliminate risk and increase quality and ethical compliance in their procurement and sourcing activities. If that’s what you need, you will be glad to hear that we offer a Single Point of Contact to a knowledge network of Product and Market Intelligence.

Here is how we are helping our client partners:

  1. Reduce fixed Operating Costs
  2. Improving Company Focus
  3. Gain access to a World-Class Network of capabilities
  4. Minimise risks associated with “offshore” sourcing

We are “local” to our customers by providing focused support: 

  1. Product Development.
  2. Market Updates.
  3. Sourcing and Operational Reporting.
  4. 7DAY Claim Resolution.

Our purpose is to negotiate the best value for you strategically. In SBN, we represent the customer and remain at arm’s length from our broad supplier network.


Sourcebynet strives to protect the environment, improve working conditions, and ensure fair treatment of individuals based on their beliefs, history, and culture. We are so serious about this that we will only contract with suppliers that meet our ethical standards.

The environment is an area of concern for us, and SBN has an advanced Timber tracking system that tracks shipment to each batch of forestry and identifies when a new certification is required. SBN does not treat environmental footprint lightly, and we have invested time to become FSC® certified.



We are committed to eliminating modern slavery in the furniture industry. We understand that modern slavery is a pervasive issue, affecting individuals through forced labour, human trafficking, and exploitation. We have created and published our Modern Slavery declaration, which internal and external stakeholders, including suppliers, must sign and commit to. We provide an accessible Whistleblowing platform for ALL key stakeholders to anonymously report any concerns. To ensure Sourcebynet stays abreast and aware of this delicate and evolving topic/area, we hold bi-annual training sessions with external parties.


Speed To Market
Trusted Globally
Quality Guaranteed
Ethically Sourced Materials
20+ Years Experience
Competitively Priced


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