Rattan is the main material used to produce Sourcebynet’s new Forest Collection, and the launch of this new product line comes at a great time as top interior designers predict that 2020 will be the year that rattan furniture will become a hot design trend. 

According to interior designer Nicole Fuller of Nicole Fuller Interiors, “Rattan and wicker are having a resurgence in 2020; it warmly reminds me of my childhood and has evolved in fresh and exciting ways whether in chairs, tables, or lighting. It is the perfect layer to balance modern and traditional style.”  

Consumers’ desire to adopt an eco-friendly and sustainable lifestyle is also a trend in 2020 and so natural materials like rattan used in our Forest Collection can help customers live that lifestyle. “The use of new materials, as well as natural and organic materials, is something people have begun requesting in our designs. We see this shift as the next wave of environmentally-conscious proactivity,” says Alexis Cogul of Doo Architecture. 

The popularity of rattan furniture now can be seen if you look at the hashtag #rattanfurniture (which at one stage had 133k posts on Instagram). Rattan is big news now, evoking a bright and beachy feel. 

Customers are keen on buying furniture made of natural materials, a trend that looks set to dominate 2020. We expect more of the natural, bringing in the soul and elements from nature,” says Richard Oullette of interior design firm Les Ensembliers. 

Rattan is particularly popular for consumers who want to decorate their homes in a rustic and bohemian style. 

Sourcebynet’s Forest Collection is great for customers looking for rattan furniture that can help them achieve that rustic and bohemian look for their homes. The   Collection features pieces where the beautiful grain of the oak timber is artfully matched with the hand-woven rattan panels. We decided to actively reinvent new ways to incorporate rattan for the eco-conscious consumer due to the sustainable properties of this material. SBN is therefore proud to champion sustainability in the extensive yet affordable selection of rattan pieces in the Forest Collection. The collection is ideal for homes that have a rustic and bohemian décor style. The collection includes pieces such as a coffee table, TV stand, bookcase, side table and sideboard. 


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