Sourcebynet, in partnership with the HIVE Furniture Show, recently hosted a series of dynamic webinars aimed at guiding furniture-focused brands on their sustainability journey. 

This collaborative initiative, held online over three sessions, witnessed a positive turnout of over 30 enthusiastic attendees from across the globe. With an engaged audience and thought-provoking questions, the webinars sparked meaningful discussions.​​​​​​​

Global Engagement and Active Participation​​​​​​​


The webinars garnered a productive response, with attendees actively immersing themselves in the content and actively contributing with insightful questions. The diverse range of challenging questions demonstrated attendees’ dedication to understanding and implementing sustainable practices.

During the engaging webinar sessions, attendees actively participated by posing thought-provoking questions that reflected their concerns and eagerness to navigate the sustainability journey.

Some of the notable questions raised included:

“What are the challenging steps that can potentially lead an organisation to give up on their sustainability journey?” This query shed light on the potential obstacles and difficulties that businesses might face when embracing sustainability. ​​​​​​​

“Do you think that the laws in some countries could affect a sustainable business?”

This question highlighted the complex relationship between sustainability and legal frameworks. Attendees sought insights into how varying regulations and policies across different countries could impact the implementation and success of sustainable business practices.

“Have you faced price increases when transitioning from traditional packaging to sustainable alternatives? And what is the solution?”

This inquiry highlighted a common concern for businesses transitioning to sustainable packaging. Attendees were keen to understand the potential financial implications and sought practical solutions to balance sustainability goals with cost considerations.

A Worldwide Reach


​​​​​​​Participants from various corners of the world took part in the webinars, with a significant majority joining from Asia. The widespread geographic representation highlights the global interest in adopting sustainable approaches within the furniture industry.

This diverse participation enhanced the discussions, as attendees shared perspectives and experiences from their respective regions, fostering a collaborative environment.​​​​​​​

Key Takeaways

Throughout the webinar series, attendees gained invaluable insights and practical knowledge on how to initiate their sustainability journey. The sessions provided a clear roadmap for defining and implementing sustainable strategies within furniture-focused brands.

Participants were also educated on the significance of aligning with relevant regulations and certifications to effectively promote sustainability. Equipped with this knowledge, attendees were empowered to drive positive change within their organisations.


Collaboration for a Sustainable Future​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

The successful webinar series stands as a testament to the fruitful collaboration between Sourcebynet and the HIVE Furniture Show. Through this partnership, they showcased collaboration, driving sustainability initiatives and inspiring change across the global furniture industry.

A certificate of partnership between Hive Furniture Show partnered with the Turkish charity foundation, Tema to plant 100 trees within Turkey. This is in remembrance of the unfortunate events that happened in Southern and Central Turkey in 2023. 



Through this partnership, they showcased collaboration, driving sustainability initiatives and inspiring change across the global furniture industry.


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