In today’s concrete jungle, consumers find themselves increasingly gravitating toward nature. Homeowners and offices alike are beginning to introduce greenery and natural elements into their living spaces. Think hangers, planters, green walls, and indoor plants. The longing for intimacy with nature is also reflected in today’s furniture trends. We observe natural living brought to life through the generous use of wood to achieve a state of living that is holistic, organic, and authentically natural.

In line with natural living, we welcome the Natural Wood Collection – a gorgeous assortment of furniture made from solid acacia and acacia veneer – reinforcing our values and goals to meet an ethically compliant manufacturing benchmark. This new collection is targeted at outfitting and complimenting interiors in the living room, bedroom, dining room, and office. Its impeccable design accentuates a handsome, bold, and refined charm to practically any space while standing the test of time.

The collection is defined by its understated transitions and vintage ensembles that maintain a clean and smart silhouette. Its neutral tone and magnificent display of grain have an allure that draws you closer to admire at its sturdy integrity, porcelain-like smooth finishing, and intelligent yet unpretentious function and form. This range works exceptionally well with all types of interiors, especially with pastels, neutrals, and muted, earthy colours, along with cement, granite, dark-washed walls, and monochrome interiors.

Easy on the eyes, the collection constantly nudges you to appreciate its visual sensuality. When light strikes its surface, it balances between a gorgeous shade of walnut and driftwood, while maintaining a tasteful elegance. Because of its versatility, depth of style, and form selection, the Natural Wood Collection is easily one of the safest choice for your interior furnishings.


A curated dance of materials, form, function, and aesthetics

Solid Acacia Wood – Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Living
Keeping ourselves rooted to sustainability, acacia was chosen for its environmental friendliness, timelessness, and durability. The hardwood is strong, sturdy, and effortlessly gorgeous. Acacia’s water-resistant and antimicrobial properties further elevate its smooth surface, beautiful grain.

Compared to other types of wood commonly used in furniture, acacia, with a density closer to marble, outperforms popular counterparts such as oak, hickory, and bamboo. The use of acacia allows us to lower our environmental footprint and supports our initiatives to be ethically compliant. It is no surprise that acacia has been a mainstay of interior design and furnishings for many years.


Metal accents in support, handles, and tracks
The collection has wide, sleek matt black handles that emphasize the extended horizontal form. These handles blend in seamlessly with the walnut shade of natural acacia. Simply put, it could not have been better equipped with a smarter handle that combines function, form, and design while allowing the beauty of the acacia grain to shine through. Similarly, all drawer runners are outfitted with a subtle black metal runner to provide a consistent smooth drawing action.


Acacia Veneer and NC lacquered throughout
Where the collection shines most is through the accompaniment of acacia veneer, a stronger material than the natural wood itself. By selecting high-quality acacia veneers, the chances of blistering, delaminating, warping, and peeling are greatly reduced. 

All surfaces in the Natural Wood Collection are sealed with NC lacquer, lending the furniture a discreet sheen and extra protective layer that will extend the life of your furniture for years.


Made to the high standards of modern woodworking
In approaching the construction, a reinforced plinth base was used to support the weight of sideboards, dressers, and drawers, ensuring an even weight distribution and extremely stable body. Expertly crafted Miter Joints frame the corners of the furniture, hiding any end grain in sight. They are meticulously reinforced and consistent with our objective to make this collection an elegant stunner of carpentry at its finest.

To the naked eye, the new collection exhibits seamless joints, clean lines, and is a marvel of modern-day woodwork. Dive in and you will appreciate the beams of support within, the careful thought allocated to reinforcements and support, all to let the collection carry through time. It was not created to be in the present, but to last.


Sourcebynet’s Commitment to Environmental Compliance and Ethically Sourced Furniture
The Natural Wood Collection continues to be a crowd pleaser and ranks as one of our best-selling range. It has garnered mass popularity and regularly receives praise and top ratings from our clients.

Being FSC certified, we make proactive decisions and actions to reduce our environmental footprint. Selecting only acacia sourced from sustainably grown plantation forests, Sourcebynet upholds our vow to protect the environment and only contract suppliers who meet our ethical standards.


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