A dynamic development process is one that constantly changes and progresses

To “win” in an increasingly competitive market, our Client Partners need to deliver new product innovations on time, on budget, and within Specification. Delivering on these requirements, demands that external suppliers have High Performance, Product Development skills that can be relied on to deliver the project goals without requiring resource intervention or unnecessary expense from the company.

Sourcebynet’s Dynamic Product Development Process (DPD) has been fine-tuned over the past 20 years, having bought to market over 5000 different articles of furniture & flooring, many of which are Top Performing Long Life-Cycle (LLC) products for our Client Partners.

Our Process

It all starts with listening to (OEM) or anticipating (ODM) the new Product needs of our Client Partners.Our Key Account Managers, who are passionate product innovators, with in depth market knowledge, then work with our Design Services team to define the scope of the Product Development project.
When the Project is released to each of our S&P Offices, along with an extensive compliment of SBN Technical Documents, this is where the “magic” happens. By now we know so much about the Technical and Design requirements of the Product and Packaging, your SCR and Compliance standards, that the process becomes Dynamic, rather than Step-by-Step, or gradual. Iterations are happening real time rather than having to refer back to our Client Partners for confirmation on different decision points, which is a drag on their resources and focus.

If you want to reduce the Time To Market (TTM) for new products and minimise the Total Cost of Development, then contact Sourcebynet and let us discuss your next project.


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