Vintage Patchwork ETU


The Vintage Patchwork ETU, as its name suggests, oozes vintage charm that will surely add life to the living room. It is made with reclaimed pine in differing multi-tonal neutrals for a pop of color Despite its asymmetry, the 5 drawers and center cubby make for organized storage space. 

  • Pine body 
  • 5 drawers 
  • Metal handle drawers 

Dimensions W120 x D45 x H52 cm



Description Top 1

In a sea of safe and sterile furniture, the Vintage Patchwork Collection is unafraid to be different. It flaunts its nonchalance through the use of asymmetrical layout, multi tone finishing and imperfect pine. Despite its complexity, our proven expertise in manufacturing and speed to market translates to your brand capitalising on the vintage trend now, rather than later. 

Description Bottom 2

Collection includes chest drawer, desk, shelf, TV unit and more  

Reclaimed and rustic style 

Reclaimed pine in multi tone colours 


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