What Is Original Design Manufacturing (ODM)

An original design manufacturer (ODM) designs and manufactures a product according to the customer’s specifications and that product is rebranded by the customer for sale. This allows customers to make products without having to run a factory. Here’s how our ODM process works:

1. Product Idea
Every day, our global team of sourcing and sales staff, visit fairs, shop-floors, factory production lines, and sampling rooms to pick up hot commercial trends.
2. Design & Collaboration
The staff then share the ideas with our in-house designers, who cultivate them to design inspiring ranges to meet the technical and design requirements of your market and end customer.
3. Product Quality Compliance
Thus, by leveraging on our position of having one eye on the market and one foot in the factory, we deliver high-quality products across various furniture segments.

ODm or not?
A furniture line is only as successful as its design process – from quality, to silhouette, to user experience. However, designing furniture that is as beautiful as it is reliable is a headache, especially if your internal teams are already busy with other aspects of the business. Even if they do manage to design a coherent collection, running factories comes with significant expenses and fixed costs – a death sentence for agile brands. For businesses like these, the solution is clear: outsourcing your designing and manufacturing to ODM services.

With your specifications and brand guidelines, our ODM service aims to bring your collection to life while maintaining exclusive intellectual property rights for them. Our unrelenting focus on industry trends means that you call the shots based on the most updated data, thereby optimizing your product and inventory management. By combining decades of design expertise and the latest manufacturing technologies, our flexible ODM service will cement your position in the market, lifting your brand from good to great in the ever-evolving furniture landscape.


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