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“In an ideal world we have 1 supplier factory: they present us concepts on ALL categories of indoor furniture, they understand & hit our retail price points, always ship on time and have their own supplier back-up plans. All we do is wait for containers to arrive.”

“We need a product development partner who understands our business, our client base, and our market as intimately as we do, and who is taking care of our top line, and bottom line, as carefully as our own management do.”

“We need a locally contactable resource, connecting us to rapid development of indoor furniture concepts into new products & ranges that can be reliably sourced, and produced, technically compliant within a short time frame, ideally concept to shop-floor in less than 6 months.”

“We need furniture from Asia without the headaches. There are so many horror stories, and so many potential mine-fields: child labor, factories with sweat-shop conditions, late deliveries, terrible quality product arriving, and the product on offer at most fairs is uncommercial in our markets. We need a cost-effective solution to all these issues.”


Speed To Market

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Unbeatable Quality

Ethically Sourced Materials

20+ Years in The Industry

Competitively Priced


We design, source and deliver an extensive range of furniture and flooring products from around the world


Discover The Future Trends Of The Furniture Industry.

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SBN News

November 11th, 2020

Sourcebynet improves quality control with new digital quality inspection tool


November 11th, 2020

Sourcebynet’s forest collection rides on popularity of rattan furniture

Market News

October 30th, 2020

How SBN is Adapting to The Changing European Landscape


Our on-trend collections all started with us listening to the needs of our clients though our “Design and Source” options – OEM (Your Designs, Your Standards) services or anticipating those desires by our process in ODM (Our Designs, Your Standards).

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Our outstanding furniture outsourcing designs, design solutions like ODM and help in product quality compliance and procurement sourcing will enable retailers to have access to the most beautiful and quality assured furnishings.

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