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Why we work here?

We are one Team! 

An organization’s success is built on the happiness of its Team. More than half of our team are long services employees who grew together with Sourcebynet and went through low and high points of the business. With determination and unity, we overcome many challenges and become stronger as one. 

We are one team from different nations. Our aiming to be the world first choice partner in the furniture sourcing and developing with our talents and innovation. 

The innovation solution come from You! 

Our Approach

The customer/people come first, every time! 

We work as a team, to deal with challenges, be proud of our achievements, and celebrate our successes together. We all lead by example, showing determination, trust and courage as well as integrity and compassion. We are driving “operational excellence” to go one step further than the competition. We communicate and listen, and we support performance and celebrate success. 

Growth with SBN

We offer its team member unique opportunities for professional and career growth with our strategic global presence and business plan. Nonetheless, we encourage healthy living and practice work life balance among our team member by offering flexible work option, medical insurance coverage and team bonding activities. 


Speed To Market

Trusted Globally

Unbeatable Quality

Ethically Sourced Materials

20+ Years in The Industry

Competitively Priced


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Our outstanding furniture outsourcing designs, design solutions like ODM and help in product quality compliance and procurement sourcing will enable retailers to have access to the most beautiful and quality assured furnishings.

To find out how we can be your trusted one-stop partner for your furniture needs, drop us a message in the contact form and we will get one of our key account managers to contact you.